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Alright, folks! It’s been a while and I have been quite busy since my last blog post to you all. Our family has moved to a new apartment and I have been cleaning, unpacking, organizing, and setting up a new space for our family to call home. It’s been a lot of fun, a lot of work, and (unfortunately) a lot more money than I hoped to spend on the endeavor! All this to say, I am excited to give you all a tour of the space and share a few projects we have been excited about!

Space #1: Library and Family Room

The first two spaces I want to show are our Library and our Family Room. My husband and I love reading, and he has curated a beautiful collection of books from our favorite authors. We were so excited to be able to unpack them for the first time in 2 years and display them in a way that they deserve!

We have been trying to be dedicated to having less traditional furniture in order to encourage healthier movement and posture habits. Having our own new space that we can design in a nontraditional way has been a dream come true! Some of the”furniture” we have collected includes:

Our “floor couch” made from 2 extra large, firm pillows that we found at our local thrift store for 25 cents each:

Other assorted cushions (also 25 cents each) for the floor or the window seat. Our 2 gorgeous bay windows are our other “couches.”

A reading chair which allows for no slouching and provides awesome lumbar support (thrifted for $30):

An oversized steamer trunk that we found at a yardsale for $10 provides a place to lean on for a moment or a place to do a puzzle:

We have a day bed, gifted to us for Norah’s enjoyment by my high school best friend and her family. We love having a day bed instead of a traditional bed because it allows for many more lounging positions and encourages us to move around more. It is also a trundle bed, allowing us to have more seating for movie nights if we need it once we find a mattress for the trundle!

A table was left by the old tenants and it was bigger than our previous table! I decided to keep both tables so one can be used on our porch, for morning coffee breaks and outdoor meals!

Space #2: Norah’s Bedroom

Norah’s bedroom has been fun for me. I never had the opportunity to set up a nursery while I was expecting with her, and we have been longing for a room for her to have to herself for a long time now. I have a few favorite parts of her room.

Her closet is a particular favorite of mine. I found a expandable closet rod at walmart for just over $10 which allows her to be more involved in choosing her daily outfit. I simply move the choices that would be appropriate for the day to the bottom rod and she decides which is her favorite that day! Her socks and pants and pajamas are in bins on the closet floor, which lets her be part of that discussion too! Best of all, I can then close the closet door and not worry about her taking each item of clothing and scattering it about the entire upstairs floor of the house!

We have kept her floor bed and continue to enjoy the way it allows us to do middle-of-the-night cuddles with her when she wakes up scared or upset. Her nightstand allows us to (theoretically) keep her books in one place (but realistically, they are scattered around the floor of her room daily.

Space #3: The Playroom!

The Playroom has been an ever-changing space since we moved in. The current setup is working well so far, but as she grows, I am certain that it will evolve with her. Currently, there are a few stations set up in the space. The first area is our reading corner, featuring a thrift edge globe and a wooden puzzle of letters:

The second area is her Train Station. We live right next to the train line and Norah loves to race to her window and climb up onto the chair to watch the freight trains and passenger trains go by. She has a wooden train set that she puts together and pulls around the room joyfully once the train has passed.

The third area is her homemaking space. She loves taking care of her baby doll, and this is where Baby lives at the moment. She loves putting her to bed and singing her to sleep, or dancing with her in this space. She has a bucket of bowls and teacups with a tea kettle which she plays with here too.

The fourth area is her sorting and counting area. She has an abacus, a shape-sorting puzzle, blocks, and a small chest of drawers (thrifted for $1!). In the chest of drawers, she has a whole bunch of buttons that she likes to take out and admire before we put them away. Sometimes they end up sorted by color with a lot of help from mom! The mirror actually really helps her focus on her task, and lets me see her adorable concentration face while she plays. The letters were a gift and I have stuck them on the wall with command velcro strips so that she can take them off the wall and manipulate them.

The fifth area is a music-making corner complete with a xylophone (not in the photo), a wooden drum, and a bag of assorted instruments (thrifted for $2). Her current favorite is the harmonica!

The last area is an (in-process) art gallery at her eye-level to begin to encourage her to look at works of art. A small mirror is here to represent that she is a work of art as well!

I have enjoyed the process of homemaking in this past season and I am excited to be back in this online space to report about my progress! I welcome any questions or comments below!

Living Space: Organization with a Toddler

Between the blizzards and the rounds of family sickness, March was a month filled to the brim with cabin fever. I am glad that Spring has finally arrived, and with it, mobility and outdoor outings!

March wasn’t all bad though, as the cabin fever helped me accomplish some spring cleaning tasks that I would otherwise not have prioritized (because sunshine and fresh air!!)

One of the projects that I want to share with you all is my solution to the piles of toys and board books that were taking over my living and dining room. I’m sure that at least some of you can relate to this struggle, and hopefully my solution will work for you as well!

My first step was to bring ALL of her toys and books and put them in a pile on the couch. Then I sorted out toys that were too old or young for her developmentally and put them in a separate storage bag. While doing so, I also sorted out toys I would rather donate than store away and bagged them up to bring to the thrift store.

Next, I cleared off a thin bookshelf and reset the shelves to fit two cloth bins. I had just a little space left after refitting the shelves, so I used that space for less durable books and toys that I prefer to supervise her with.

The last step was to put all the toys into one bin and the books into the other.

Playtime is super easy now! I just take out the two bins, and then when we’re ready to clean up together, we throw the toys in one bin and stack away her books neatly into the other… And voila!

The bins go back on the shelf and the living room is spared from the lingering mess that playtime had become.

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