I’m taking the next few years to create a home that is conducive to learning and a peaceful life. Beyond Appearances is a project being created in order to have an output for the research I am doing on Household Design.

To introduce myself, my life is currently engulfed with the task of raising my daughter and keeping my house from looking like it has recently been torn through by a tornado. In other words, I am a stay-at-home mom. When I started into my adult life a few years ago, I was a freshman in college studying to become a first grade teacher. One seemingly normal day at an internship at a local school, I had a seemingly normal conversation with the woman I was teaching with. She was enumerating the stresses surrounding her current occupation, especially now that she was expecting her first child. Suddenly, I saw myself in a possible future, in her position –working twelve hour days as an elementary teacher, feeling burdened with the impossible task of making a small difference in each of my students’ lives while simultaneously raising the children I hoped to be able to give my full attention to. I hated the tired and burnt out version of myself that I saw. I switched majors on my way back to my dorm that day.

From the time that I switched majors until a little over a year ago when I became pregnant, I settled into the idea that the only thing that I wanted in life was to simply be a stay-at-home mom, keeping house, and homeschooling and raising a litter of children. Once I was pregnant with my daughter, however, I started to feel the stirrings of needing to do something else. Since my daughter has been earthside, I have struggled with feeling like her world was moving lightning fast, while I was stuck in the daily mundane chores and diaper changes upon diaper changes.

Recently, I was reading a blog by a fellow mom who is farther into the journey of motherhood than I and homeschools her children. She has a section of her blog for resources and inspiration for others wishing to homeschool. I started talking with my husband about the possibility of blogging as I learn about how to homeschool and as I create a home for our family. Thus, my independent study about Household Design was formed. And this blog is the space I am creating to report on my progress.