Life Rhythm | Potty Training

If there is anything that has been daunting about moving into toddlerhood, potty training is near the top of the list. Despite every parent doing this process, I came into it without a single idea about how to go about it, or even where to start! Last June, when Norah was about one and a half, we bought her a floor potty in preparation for any interest she might show in using it. She mostly thought it made a hilarious hat at that point, much to my first-time mommy dismay.

We initially tried just taking off Norah’s diaper and following her around anxiously staring at her bottom until it looked like she might poop, and then sweeping her onto the potty in a game of “how much more pee and poop will I clean up off the floor today?”

After a few months, Norah was gaining interest in the idea and would ask to sit on the floor potty and then on the toilet as well, especially when I put a basket of books next to the toilet to keep her distracted long enough that she might accidentally go on the toilet and I could praise her for it. She enjoyed it, but went 0% of the times we tried this method. It was frustrating for me, and finally she relented and decided that peeing on this bigger potty was okay too. But pooping was still out of the question.

She walked around the house naked from the waist down for a few months, and during that time did well learning how to make it to the potty in time, so that my game of clean up turned into keeping the Swiffer handy for accidents but not worrying much more than that.

We introduced pull ups at this point, which did not work as well as advertised. First of all, why are pull ups so hard to pull up?! These are small humans we’re working with here! Right now my struggle is trying to move from full time pull-ups to underwear. Norah is pretty consistently almost dry and it is becoming difficult to justify the expensive barely used pull ups in the trash. But, she has had difficulty pulling down her pants still, so we are going to try big kid undies next with the hopes that she is able to more easily pull them down.

It’s been exciting to do this journey with her though. She is doing a tremendous job and I am finally getting used to the new pace – anywhere we are I have to remember to remind her to tell me if she needs to use the potty (many times, especially now that she’ll do the dance)! Our goal is to have only one kid in diapers at a time… But I have confidence that Norah can be in undies by the time Baby #2 arrives in June! The adventures never cease!

Some resources that I have found useful include:

I Use The Potty: Big Kid Power was the way I convinced Norah that toilets were okay for toddler sized humans too.

Stress-Free Potty Training: A Commonsense Guide To Finding The Right Approach For Your Child is a great book… Well admittedly u only read the first few chapters before losing it in the muddle until it was due back to the library!

And this is our beloved floor/trainer potty, which according to Norah makes a splendid hat in a pinch!

Leave a comment if you have any questions or have things you found useful while potty training!

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